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A Positive, Student-Centered Approach!

What do you want out of your piano lessons?


Perhaps you are a young person “really, really, really” wanting to learn.   Or maybe you are an adult who wants to revisit piano as a form of recreation. Or you're are a professional actor/singer who is looking to keep your piano skills sharp.  It's important that I understand where you're coming from!

I view learning piano as equivalent to immersing oneself in a new language.   So I teach in a positive, encouraging way and keep the lesson student-active, encouraging sustained repetition of correct habits.  You'll hear me say, "Good job!  Do that again!" a lot!  

I incorporate extracurricular songs (pop songs, show tunes, classic rock, etc.) to keep lessons varied and fun.

Virtual lessons are conducted via Facetime, Google Meet, or Zoom.

I train teacher colleagues in developing their own positive, student-centered approach.  Contact me for more information.  

Portrait by Keith Barraclough

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